Cabriejo™ Business Development Consultants - Business Development and Innovation for Brands in need of cleanly sourced ingredients and products from vertically integrated producers, emphasizing grassland based proteins and fats from Regenerative Agriculture. We focus on supply chain development, scaling and utilization from nose to tail, with measurable positive impact on our food, rural communities and stewardship of our natural resources. Trent Hendricks is quickly becoming known as an expert in Regenerative Agriculture and participates in strategy and policy development as well as innovation with several progressive organizations and corporations. Please contact for more information on how we can help your program achieve your goals. Cabriejo™ Food Safety Consulting - Rachel Hendricks has over 15 years of experience in product development and management of vertically integrated food production facilities. She has recently shifted her focus to the development, on-going maintenance, and improvement of food safety management systems for private consulting customers, and additionally works as a independently contracted food safety auditor for several global certification bodies. Her background and expertise include the development and management of various certifications ranging from organic, nonGMO, and Global GAP to SQF/GFSI level food safety programs.

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